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Business Intelligence

  • Overview & Presentation

    How to Choose a Data Provider

    Data strategy brilliance often precedes market success, but even if you succeed in implementing a comprehensive data strategy ...

  • Case Study

    Modern Analytics Fuels Business Intelligence

    Technographics used to drive better business outcomes with predictive modeling

Company Culture

  • Videos & Webinars

    HG Data Build Process

    We process billions of documents a month to extract valuable technographics for our customers

  • Overview & Presentation

    HG Data Company Overview

    Quick overview on what we do and how we do it

  • Overview & Presentation

    How We Build It

    Diagram shows our proprietary process for processing, cleaning and curating our data

  • Podcast

    Podcast: Great Insights from Unexpected Places

    Former CEO, Craig Harris, shares insights on 805connect podcast.

Sales & Marketing

  • Overview & Presentation

    A Data Driven Approach to Implementing the Demand Unit Waterfall

    Learn data-driven approaches to driving demand using the SiriusDecisions Demand Unit Waterfall

  • Overview & Presentation

    Account Based Sales Development: What You Need to Be Successful

    Strategies, tips and examples of what it takes to achieve success with ABS

  • Case Study

    Account Scoring with Technographics

    Technographics allow growing businesses to identify accounts that are 50% more likely to convert into close/won revenue. This ...

  • Solution Brief

    B2B Targeting for Programmatic Display Success

    One of the best ways to drive the value of digital advertising to your clients is to deliver results that are beyond ...

  • Case Study

    Bedrock Data Uses Technographics to Reach Cloud Markets

    Technographics help identify ideal potential customers that use multiple cloud-based data systems

  • eBook

    Better ABM with Technographics in Salesforce

    This eBook will guide you with all you need to know to improve the effectiveness of your ABM campaigns.

  • Videos & Webinars

    Better Account Based Marketing: What You Need to Know

    There’s a lot of data available to B2B marketers, but what is the right data, and how do you apply it?

  • Case Study

    Fueling Marketing Outreach

    Technographics used to reach new prospects and accelerate sales pipeline

  • Product Data Sheet

    HG Audience Data sheet

    Modernize your digital targeting strategy with data-driven precision at scale

  • Product Data Sheet

    HG Data for Salesforce Data Sheet

    HG Data for Salesforce brings comprehensive technographic information to Salesforce.com with clicks instead of code

  • Videos & Webinars

    HG Data for Salesforce Video

    See how HG Data for Salesforce makes it easy for you to access and use technographics directly in Salesforce

  • Overview & Presentation

    HG Focus Account Creation Overview

    Quick guide on how to set up your HG Focus account and use it's most popular features.

  • Videos & Webinars

    HG Focus Best Practices

    Short animated presentation shows you how to use the most productive features of HG Focus.

  • Product Data Sheet

    HG Focus Data Sheet

    Spend more time selling and less time searching with HG Focus

  • Videos & Webinars

    HG Focus Overview

    Short animated video covering the main features and benefits of HG Focus.  

  • eBook

    How Better Data Can Supercharge Your ABM Program

    See how technographics can help you be more effective in your outreach.

  • Case Study

    insightsoftware.com Uses Technographics to Find New Opportunities

    Technographics increased size of total available market by 22%

  • Case Study

    Intacct Improves Sales Focus and Close Rates

    Technographics help SDRs identify the best prospects for faster close rates

  • Videos & Webinars

    Targeted Outreach: How to Get Noticed

    This webinar will show you how do you make sure your outreach stands out and leads to further engagement

  • eBook

    Technographics for B2B Digital Display Advertising ebook

    We’re in a brand new era of digital display advertising, with the ability for highly targeted, programmatic campaigns.

  • Case Study

    Tegile Uses Technographics to Deliver More Predictable Results

    See how Tegile uses technographics to identify accounts that are 64% more likely to turn into closed/won revenue

  • Overview & Presentation

    The Right Technographics for B2B Marketers

    Choosing the right technographics helps you be more effective and relevant in your outreach

  • Videos & Webinars

    Turning Data into Sales

    How to expand your market, sharpen your focus, and implement a data-driven approach to account-based marketing sales strategies

  • Overview & Presentation

    Why You Need Technographics Inside Your Salesforce CRM

    Having technographics embedded directly in Salesforce allows you to see the software and hardware products installed at your ...

  • Case Study

    Zendesk Uses Technographics for Competitive Conquesting

    See how Zendesk used technographics to identify competitors and win back market share