Frequently answered questions

  • What does HG Data do?

    HG Data delivers best in class technographics, giving B2B marketers better insights to analyze markets and deliver precision marketing and sales programs at scale.

  • What are Technographics?

    Technographics is strategic data that shows you the hardware and software technologies companies use to run their business. By knowing the technology platforms installed at your accounts, you can quickly uncover the companies using products that complement or compete with your solutions. Knowing this information allows you to:

    • Target with precision at scale (marketing)
    • Have more informed and relevant conversations (sales)
    • Develop better sales models and forecasts (business intelligence)

    Learn more about technographics.

  • Where does HG Data get its data?

    Every day, HG Data indexes more than two billion unstructured documents from offline and online resources. We go well beyond the digital signature information commonly found on public websites, processing content such as social media posts, case studies, press releases, blog articles, government filings, job listings and more, to give you the accurate, reliable B2B intelligence you need to achieve extraordinary results in your sales and marketing campaigns.

  • Does HG Data offer a free trial?

    With our free HG Data for Salesforce Lite Chrome extension, you can instantly see the installed technologies for accounts that currently reside in your Salesforce database.

  • Can I download a sample of the data?

    Yes. Simply visit our HG Data Platform page, type a technology you’re interested in tracking into our search bar and we will instantly give you a list of companies that use the technology. You can download up to 25 sample companies for free of charge by creating a profile on our site.

  • Does HG Data provide contact information?

    No. HG Data analyzes company information and provides the best global data available on what technologies a company is using to run its business. This focus allows us to provide a highly accurate dataset and continue exploring new verticals and use cases for enhanced company intelligence. Most of our customers have established relationships with contact providers that are specialized for their markets for that they can match to the accounts they choose to focus on.

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