HG Data Audience Extends Technographics to Facebook, Adobe, Twitter, and Salesforce Digital Marketing Platforms

HG Data partnership with LiveRamp enables B2B advertisers to use HG Data Audience segments to precisely target digital ad campaigns

SANTA BARBARA, CA – December 13, 2018 – HG Data, the global leader in company intelligence for B2B technology marketers, today announced the release of its new HG Data Audience segments for digital advertisers using Facebook, Adobe Marketing Cloud, Twitter, Salesforce DMP, and dozens of other leading marketing platforms. This is the result of its longstanding partnership with LiveRamp® (NYSE: RAMP), the identity platform powering exceptional experiences, which allows HG Data Audience segments to be used across a broad range of digital advertising, data management, and demand-side platforms.

The availability of HG Data Audience segments via the LiveRamp IdentityLinkTM Data Store allows B2B advertisers to hyper-target customers or entire market categories based on the installed technologies (technographics) and other attributes tracked by HG Data. Advertisers can also create custom account-based marketing (ABM)-driven segments comprised of the companies and decision makers they most want to reach.

In addition, by provisioning HG Data Audience segments through LiveRamp, marketers can be sure they are receiving third-party data with the greatest reach and accuracy available, from a vendor who has been vetted through LiveRamp’s ethical data use program.

“The LiveRamp Data Store makes it easy for our customers to select our digital audience segments to precisely target their ads by specific installed technologies, job title, industry, or a growing range of other specialized company criteria that help them be more precise and relevant in their interactive display campaigns,” said John Connell, Executive Vice President of Digital for HG Data. “It also makes our data available on most of the leading DMPs and DSPs in the market so that advertisers can keep their existing workflows.”

“The goal of our data store is to provide our users with a reliable marketplace they can access to provide high quality, third-party data they can trust for their marketing outreach,” said Grant Ries, CEO of LiveRamp B2B. “Over the course of our partnership, HG Data has shown they can consistently deliver what our users want in a variety of digital marketing platforms, so we’re happy to make their specialized data offering available to our customers.”


About HG Data

HG Data is a global leader in market intelligence for installed technologies.  The world’s largest technology companies, the fastest-growing start-ups, and some of the most innovative OEM partners achieve a tremendous advantage by using HG Data in building market analysis, competitive displacement, predictive modeling, marketing campaigns, and client retention initiatives. Every day, HG Data indexes billions of unstructured documents across the open Internet, the archived Web, and offline resources to produce a detailed, accurate profile of B2B technology installations at companies worldwide.

Founded in 2010, the company is based in Santa Barbara, CA. Learn more at hgdata.com.

About LiveRamp

LiveRamp provides the identity platform leveraged by brands and their partners to deliver innovative products and exceptional experiences. LiveRamp IdentityLink connects people, data, and devices across the digital and physical world, powering the people-based marketing revolution and allowing consumers to safely connect with the brands and products they love. For more information, visit www.LiveRamp.com.