How to Use Granular Business Intelligence to Find Your ICP and Grow Your Business

If you’re looking to find customers matching your ICP so you can grow your business there are two business intelligence insights you can leverage right now to do so.

  • IT spend intelligence is a great way to identify and prioritize which accounts to target. Deep IT spend intelligence data can tell you not only how much money a company is spending on IT, but also tell you how much is being spent in your product category area. For example, if you’re a storage provider and you know that a company is only spending 2% of its storage budget with you, then you know an opportunity exists to grow your business with this account.
  • Tech install intelligence can help you understand the technology footprint of an account so you can see if there are potential upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

How 27partners Uses IT Spend and Tech Install Data to Find ICP

As a small startup who specializes in delivering unique digital experiences to corporate clients, 27partners needed a way to find the right prospects for its solutions. This meant they had to find companies with a specific configuration of hardware and software installed, a certain level of budget spend in the software virtualization market, and an annual revenue size of over $50M. Doing so would ensure that their sales efforts remained focused on accounts who needed specialized video services, something which 27partners could deliver at a premium.

Tech install intelligence and spending insight on relevant tech categories allowed 27partners to find various opportunities for their premium services. For example, if sales reps know a company has legacy communications software and a large VDI hardware presence, then they know they are dealing with a potential customer who will need video on virtual desktops, which is a custom, value-added service.

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