Better ABM from Better Data – A Series from HG Data & TechTarget

We recently partnered up with TechTarget to develop a blog series centered around how you can extract the most value from your ABM programs by using better data. In our three-part series, we’ll discuss how you can use the intelligence from HG Data and TechTarget to:

  • Develop target account profiles that work
  • Build propensity to buy models that help you find prospects ready to buy now
  • Create micro-messaging that encourages customer engagement

Each post will highlight how two fundamental pieces of data can help you achieve the ROI you’re looking for in your ABM programs:

  1. Technographics: See how insights on what technologies a company has installed can give you what you need to identify the right prospects to target (what SiriusDecisions refers to as your Target Demand in their latest Demand Unit Waterfall)
  2. Purchase Intent: learn how knowing true purchase intent can help you find prospects who are ready to purchase now (what SiriusDecisions calls your Active Demand)

To understand just how technographics and purchase intent can maximize the ROI of your ABM program and grow your bottom line revenue, read the first post in our series:

Using Data to Develop Your Target Account Profile