About HG Data

A proven and trusted source of sales and marketing intelligence data.

HG Data uses advanced data science to provide B2B companies a better way to analyze markets and target prospects to achieve remarkable results in their marketing and sales programs. We offer the most comprehensive technographics in the industry, indexing billions of unstructured documents each day to produce a detailed census of the technologies companies use to run their business. This is powerful information you can use to out-market, out-sell and outgrow your competition.

The HG Data Executive Team.

  • Elizabeth Cholawsky


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  • Craig Harris

    Founder - R&D Lead

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  • Nick Cronin


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  • Rob Fox


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  • John Connell

    EVP, Digital

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  • Kineon Walker

    VP of Product and Marketing

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  • Don Wynns

    VP of OEM and Channel Partnerships

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  • Tracy York

    VP of Client Success

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